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Who We Are

Integrated HR Solutions (InHRS) is a Human Resource Management Implementation firm that provides a variety of HR Management Solutions to growing organizations nationwide. Our certified consultants can quickly respond to the human resource needs that many organizations don't have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively.

What We Do

Our objective is to provide our client’s with the necessary tools, policies and guidance to effectively implement and sustain their own Human Resources department.  We build your division from the ground up or enhance and build off of what has been established.  InHRS offers Human Resource Consulting Solutions that will fit all of your organizations needs.

Why Choose InHRS?

Clients choose InHRS to have an integrated organization that will bring all facets of their organization together. To work with a firm that will implement processes and infrastructure needed for a successful organization while providing learning opportunities and tools required to continue to grow and sustain their infrastructure. Our clients work in partnership with InHRS to gain strategic advice as well as comprehensive administration of their HR programs.  All designed to gain the best solutions for their specific business needs and environment.

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